I have the privilege to know Kelly in many capacities, and they all harmonize because of her true and authentic nature. First and foremost, Kelly is a powerful guide. A source of inspiration and wisdom, she is able to walk the fine line of co-creation with her clients allowing for deep and meaningful self-discovery. Her rich lifetime of experiences and fierce dedication to humanity, both to the individual and to the world, equips her well beyond most in the field. Whether a coach or mentor, expect an uncommon and transformative encounter with Kelly. I’ve had many!

Kendra M. Prescott
Licensed Professional Counselor/Consultant

Drop in to an enriching online class facilitated by Kelly:

Classes are held throughout the year on varied topics based on the mission and values of ancient wisdom, neuroscience, contemplation, innovative leadership strategies, and lifelong learning. Classes vary between one to four hours long and meet on Zoom.

Expect some journaling, dialog, inquiry, and take away practical action steps so that your learning process integrates into your daily life.

Current classes:

How to Live a Transformative Life

These unprecedented times require a transformative mindset in all of us. In this workshop, we will explore the skill sets needed to equip you to leverage the current, powerful energies of disruption towards creating your most emboldened and inspired self.

Tickets $45

Nov 6th, 11 AM – 1 PM

Please visit this link to register and secure your spot.