“Working with Kelly and Equus has truly been life-changing for me. Through her use of horse wisdom and her unique approach to coaching, I was able to recover from significant self-doubt and injury. As I continue to work with her, my personal and professional growth is truly soaring. I am so looking forward to her new book “Flying Lead Change”.

Betsy Brown
Practice Lead, Family Medicine, The Polyclinic at The Polyclinic

What would life be like if you trusted your deep knowing? What would be possible outside of your limiting narratives and patterns? Coaching is an innovative framework that summons your wholeness and intrinsic gifts to actualize the life you always wanted.

Coaching empowers the frequently hidden capacities and gifts that lay dormant inside each person. Once those are seen and liberated, and limiting narratives and constructs disassembled, clients discover they have the capacity to create the life they’ve always wanted.

As an ICF Master Certified Coach, Kelly weaves a unique blend of neuroscience, contemplative wisdom, attachment theory and nature-based knowledge into her coaching inquiry to create conditions for breakthrough learning and transformative change. You will be challenged, held accountable, called forth, celebrated, deeply seen and heard. And you will emerge changed.

Investments start at $550 for initial coaching consultation, and ranging from $6,500 – $100,000 for long-term life-changing engagement.

Six month minimum engagement required.

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