Invite Kelly to Speak

Kelly’s down to earth and common sense approach to leadership shifts the mystique to clear, the complex to simple and the mundane to pure inspiration. Anyone who has the privilege of experiencing Kelly’s brilliance and love will then be forever changed. Don’t miss the chance.

Micki McMillan, MCC
Board Member at AAA-The Auto Club Group

Kelly is a compelling storyteller and magnetic speaker who brings in her lifelong experience as a visionary, entrepreneur, ardent student of the natural world to reveal a new way of living and leading that is more closely aligned with our authentic human spirit. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who walks their talk, and calls each person into their best selves you will not be disappointed.

Besides the themes revealed in her book Flying Lead Change, Kelly can speak on myriad topics including leadership, relationship, the right use of power, purpose, the nexus of practicality and spirituality, nature-informed wisdom, presence-based living, courage, intuition, joy and much more.