Wisdom Circles®

An Innovative Approach to Navigating Transition, Developing Cutting Edge Leadership, & Cultivating Self-Mastery

Wow, it is hard to put words to the experience that my Wisdom Circle has meant to me. The Circle was the container for me and my other cohorts to step into the unknown and the explore our boundaries, fears and our growth edges. It was the support and accountability that I needed to move me toward a long-held vision. Prior to the Circle, I was stuck in the fear of leaving the known and venturing into the unknown. I did not think I could really accomplish what I did in those six months – but I did! With the support of this Circle I am now on a path to actualizing my vision. This could be the best decision you make for reaching toward your dreams – I know it was for me!

Tammy Green, CEO
Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center, Inc.


Sustained learning and personal transformation is ensured by surrounding oneself with others who are also learning, evolving, and who understand the immense value of personal and professional change.

Having a wise community of colleagues in your corner who support your growth, hold you accountable, and celebrate your victories will leverage enormous capital towards your desired outcomes for the life you wish to lead.

It is for these reasons that we have developed a peer coaching process called Wisdom Circles.


Starting at $1,800 and ranging to $2,400 for 6 months. Some Wisdom Circles offer optional coaching packages in tandem with Wisdom Circle participation.

What are Wisdom Circles?

Wisdom Circles are regularly scheduled (twice a month) personal mastery and leadership development circles that convene specifically for the purpose of supporting conscious and intentional self-discovery, growth and transformative change.

The spirit of the meeting is to cultivate a fellowship of support by allowing the humanity of the circle to be its premise. Through a custom-created curriculum, structure, and highly trained facilitation, members explore topics and skillsets together, as well as deeply engage in their own learning edges just outside their comfort zones.

In between calls are homework and assignments to keep the learning momentum and engagement going, as well as practical actions steps to implement in your life.

How are members curated?

Several Wisdom Circles are in the process of forming at any given time. We like to pull together people who resonate with various desired outcomes, qualities, and attributes so that the Circle results in compatible objectives or experience. At the same time, we look to create a well-rounded group of diverse interests, ages, ethnicities, and work experiences.

Once you express serious interest in being in a Wisdom Circle, we’ll share with you the description of each Circle currently in process of formation, and ask you a few questions about what you are looking for. When we know a bit more about you, we’ll invite you into one or more of the Circles.

How many?

Six to eight people, including a facilitator.

How long?

An hour and a half, twice a month, for a minimum of six months. Many Wisdom Circles have lasted years.

How are they facilitated?

One EQUUS Faculty member facilitates the dialog, exercises, practical applications, and practices. However, much of the content is driven by the cohorts themselves – in the topics they explore, and in how they support one another and actively learn to peer coach.

Wisdom Circles are great for you if:

  • You are ready to jump-start your personal and professional growth.
  • You seek a community of like-minded individuals who share your values for transformative change.
  • You feel you are on the verge of something, but you need more support to really move forward.
  • You want to be challenged, supported, met, and held accountable.

How do we get started?

As soon as a minimum of six cohorts have committed, the Wisdom Circle will begin. If you know of anyone who is a dedicated learner and who would be a great Wisdom Circle member, share this information with them so we can start sooner!


It has been our experience that members of Wisdom Circles navigate changes and transitions in their lives with more success. They achieve their own personal goals and outcomes with clarity and purpose. They forge meaningful connections with like-minded colleagues for years to come. Connection, wellbeing, and accountability increase. Personal and professional growth with the support of the Circle members is exponential.

Join privately as an individual, or create a team or organizational circle: Let us know how we can custom-create a Wisdom Circle for your team or organization, or reach out to us about being a part of one of the Circles made up of high performing individuals from around the world.